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Genre Karaoke

  1. What's Poppin (Originally Performed by Jack Harlow) [Instrumental] - 3 Dope Brothas
  2. Pound Cake (In the Style of Drake feat. Jay Z) [Instrumental Karaoke Version] - Off the Record Instrumentals
  3. Clique (Karaoke Version) [Originally Performed by Kanye West, Big Sean and Jay-Z] - Urban Instrumental
  4. Alexander Hamilton (In the Style of Hamilton) [Karaoke Instrumental] - B-Tracks
  5. A Million Dreams - D.G.W.
  6. Jumpman (Originally Performed by Drake & Future) [Instrumental Version] - Karaoke Pro
  7. Somewhere over the Rainbow (Lower Key - In the Style of Ariana Grande) [Piano Karaoke Version] - Sing2Piano
  8. Savage (Originally Performed by Megan Thee Stallion) [Instrumental] - 3 Dope Brothas
  9. Rockstar (Originally Performed by DaBaby and Roddy Ricch) [Instrumental] - 4 Hype Brothas
  10. Halo (Originally Performed by Beyonce) [Piano Karaoke Version] - Sing2Piano
  11. Bridge Over Troubled Water - APM Karaoke
  12. Hallelujah (Instrumental Version) [Originally performed by Rufus Wainwright] - Back Track Karaoke
  13. The Bigger Picture (Originally Performed by Lil Baby) [Instrumental] - 3 Dope Brothas
  14. Nobody Speak (Originally Performed By DJ Shadow & Run the Jewels) [Instrumental] - Singer's Edge Karaoke
  15. The Other Side (From "Trolls World Tour") [Originally Performed by SZA and Justin Timberlake] [Instrumental] - Vox Freaks
  16. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (Originally Performed By Kendrick Lamar) [Instrumental] - Singer's Edge Karaoke
  17. It Will Rain (Originally Performed By Bruno Mars) [Karaoke] - Singer's Edge Karaoke
  18. Main Event / Fight (Originally Performed by Barbra Streisand) [Instrumental] - ProSource Karaoke Band
  19. Angel (Originally Performed by Aerosmith) [Instrumental] - ProSource Karaoke Band
  20. Born to Be Wild (Karaoke Version) - Instrumental Champions
  21. Stereo Hearts (feat. Adam Levine) [Karaoke Version] - Gym Class Heroes
  22. Somebody to Love (Karaoke Version) - Glee Cast
  23. Love In America (Karaoke Version)[Instrumental] - JTX
  24. Keep Holding On (Karaoke Version) - Glee Cast

In this Karaoke music genre, we summarize popular songs this year and music that is popular all the time, especially the Karaoke songs genre that is popular internationally.