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Popular New Release Songs and Music in Taiwan

  2. Kian Soltani, Staatskapelle Berlin & 巴倫波因 - Dvořák: Cello Concerto
  3. 高偉勛 - 00:00-04:00
  4. LaBrassBanda - Danzn
  5. 椅子樂團 - Real Love Is...
  6. Tatsuya Kitani - DEMAGOG
  7. 吳卓源 - 5:30 - EP
  8. 王心凌 - My! Cyndi!
  9. Kenny Wollesen & David Binney - Basu
  10. NCT - NCT RESONANCE Pt. 1 - The 2nd Album
  11. Hockey Dad - Brain Candy
  12. V.K克 - Endless Falling Lights: Supernova
  13. Whitney - Candid
  14. Howling - Colure
  15. 岑寧兒 - Bedtime Story
  16. Sasha Sloan - Only Child
  17. Kuhakugokko - A Little Bit
  18. Hurts - Faith
  19. Bon Jovi - 2020
  20. Clint Mansell & 凱文·基納 - Doom Patrol: Season 1 (Original Television Soundtrack)
  21. 謝春花 - 一棵
  22. Epic Score - Epic Action: Into the Universe
  23. 十九兩樂團 - 我能告訴你的只是一個故事

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